Life is just a game

What's your name?
Benjamin Bezek, but scouts know me as Shaljivi gams (Humorous chamois).

When and where you were born?
In the maternity hospital of Ljubljana (one in an million), 14th december 1980.

What do you thing about you character?
Temperamental, optimistic, dynamic.

Are you rich?
With material goods... I don't think so.

How much do you earn?
I hold a scholarship and I earn something for my work. But, I have to pay bus and train tickets and food. In the end od month I have only for one coffee and a litre of fuel.
Do you belive in God?
Yes, I do.

Are you married?
I'm single and I'm looking for one specially girl.

Any sisters or brothers?
I've got one sister Dominika (26) and brother Bernard (11).

What about a car?
I drive a car Ford Fiesta (1990).

Who's your the pole position favourite?
Pedro De la Rosa, always.

What do you do in your free time?
My interest and my study are my free time and my job. But, I like to play football, I like reading books and walking.

Have you got a lot of friends?
I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me.

Yes, but what about a real life-long friends?
Last year I have some people around me and I really can belive and trust them, and they trust me.

What's your opinion about sex before marriage?
Well, I'm an ordinary boy and I'm not innocent any more. For the "first time" I slept with a girl I really liked.

Do you go to the polls (elections)?
I'm always there.

Who was your candidate?
The right one!

Which politician you trust?
Janez Jansha (Socialist democratic party).

You collect stamps. For how long?
Yes, that true. I collect stamps for about twelve years. I collect just Slovenian and scout's stamps from all over the world.

You are a member of Slovenian scout movement too. Are you a leader of some scout group?
I'm a member of Slovenian scout organisation for ten years. First I was an ordinary scout, but last year I became leader of boy scouts and girl guides between 11 and 16 years.

What's your life-motto?
Life is just a game, but you have to know how to play it!

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