Darwin award
You can win Darwin award, but you have to do something really stupid, and die.
Miles by mouse
How many miles do you with your computer-mouse?
Be a movie producer
Create your own short movie.
World population
Wanna know how many people are living around the world? How many people live in the Alps? This site will tell you all!
Talking with hands
It is not easy, but with some patience and practice you can learn it.
Back to the nature
One of the best web-sites to learn about living (and survive) in the nature.
World Net
You can not imagine how interesting is internet.
Stupid american laws
Did you know that sex with a cactus in Florida is prohibited?
Shower bath
This man has decided to have a shower with hundred women.
Unimportant congratulations
The most boring and unused virtual congratulations.
Events, cinema and some other places to have fun.
Good things on the net
Virtual shop with food from all over the world.
Magazine National Geographic is publishing some of its maps.
Our century
Interesting things of 20th century.
Mister driver
Collection of computer drivers.
Be careful!
Adolf Hitler Museum
Visit one of the most popular virtual museum - Adolf Hitler is waiting for you.
Unusual history
Would you like to know if the history ids really like this? Check this out.
Happy Easter
Happy Easter, Buona Pasqua!
Slovenian top 100
Best web-sites with many visitors.
Mister president
Pictures of our president Milan Kucan.
Here you can find some interesting free computer programs.
Some driving leasons and other useful stuff.
Just do it!
Free computer programs.
Latest news
Slovenian press agency have latest news.
Some men are really stupid. This man know how to say "cow" in 300 languages.
Sing with me
Slovenian folk music and texts.
Legal stealing of freeware on the net.
Elephant Jumbo
Over 300.000 free computer programs.
Animated GIFs
Web-site without some Animated GIFs is not a web-site.
We speak many languages
How you will ask Taliban where the toilet is?
Interesting games of married couples.
What about Christmas?
How other nations celebrate Christmas?